Catalog Press
2018 - present
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A small edition press publishing catalogs of readymade objects, images, words, and artists’ work. 

192 One Dollar Bills5 Ketchups, and 129 Die, sold (out) at the Whitney Shop.
Inflatable Book Jackets (they float), sold by Urban Outfitters.

Ice Cream Books
2016 - present 
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“Ice Cream Books is the most important Instagram out there today.” — Bella Hadid
“Better than Marx’s utopia.” — Hal Foster

Collaborated with the Cooper Hewitt.
Featured in The New York Times.

2011 - Present
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Daily archive of one composite image (photographs and screenshots taken that day) and one quote (heard or read that day). 

← this image is December 31, 2018

Book Covers
2016 - 2019
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Books as Objects
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