Europe Diagrams, 2014.
Diagrammatic studies from Paris, Amsterdam, Prague, Budapest, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Hohenschwangau, and Venice. Research funded by the Princeton University William Feay Shellman Travel Prize, 2013

Paris, Rue de Seine & De Buci, 45° axon.

Paris, Rue de Seine & De Buci, 45° axon, massing, corner facade articulation.

Paris, Rue de Seine & De Buci, 45° axon, verticality / horizontality.

Paris, Notre Dame, elevation, crowd. 

Paris, Centre Pompidou in front of Paroisse Saint Merri, elevation, air flow.

Paris, Centre Pompidou, "natural" / artificial landscape. 

Paris, Centre Pompidou, formal motif of cross bracing across multiple levels of building (structural and circulation).

Paris, Atelier Brancusi, diagram as corrective mark: a simultaneous editing of itself as a drawing. 

Paris, Hôtel de Ville, plan and perspective, pedestrian flow.

Paris, Hôtel de Ville & Bazar de l'Hôtel de Ville, isolated massings.

Paris, Hôtel de Ville, details.

Paris, Rue de Rennes & Bonaparte, 0° axon.

Paris, Rue de Rennes & Bonaparte, 0° axon, sunlight intensity.

Paris, Rue de Rennes & Bonaparte, 0° axon, massing.

Paris, Rue de Rennes & Bonaparte, 0° axon, unbroken vertical lines, roof window articulation. 

Paris, Louvre, I. M. Pei addition volume in front of Aile Lescot.

Paris, Louvre, body massing.

Paris, Laguiole Inox, knife, 100% made in France, bee detail.

Paris, Rue de l'École de Médecine & Antoine Dubois, plan and perspective, pedestrian flow.

Paris, Place de l'Odéon, 0° axon, facade detail.

Paris, Église Saint-Etienne-du-Mont, elevation, isolated additions.

Paris -> Amsterdam, transmission tower, 45° axon.

Amsterdam, Dam Square, directional pedestrian flow.

Amsterdam, Singel & Heisteeg, facade outlines.

Amsterdam, 30° axon, isolated facade coloring. 

Amsterdam, Kwakersplein & Bilderdijkstraat, 2014 World Cup Semifinal: Netherlands v. Argentina, 45° axon, crowd density.

Amsterdam, Stedelijk Museum, plan and perspective, envelope of museum store (took up a majority of visible space).

Amsterdam, Museumplein, 0° axon, pedestrian density. 

Amsterdam, Museumplein, 0° axon, pedestrian interaction with "I Amsterdam."

Amsterdam, Paulus Potterstraat & Van Der Veldestraat, 45° axon, construction screen on scaffolding.

Amsterdam, Prinsengracht 35 & 37, elevation, mirrored facades, different (non-mirrored) vehicles.

Amsterdam, Herengracht, boat traffic. 

Amsterdam, Keizersgracht, boat and bicycle traffic. 

Amsterdam, Magna Plaza, 45° axon, brick striping.

Amsterdam, Bilderdijkstraat & De Clerocqstraat, stairs cut into facade.

Amsterdam, Waterloopein, flea market stalls and church.

Amsterdam, Zuiderkerkof, isolated building (45° axon, massing), perspective (pedestrian flow, steeple detail, massing of surroundings).

Amsterdam, Oosterdook, north bank of river, axon, detail of Cafe restaurant Barco.

Amsterdam, Public Library, interior layered 0° axon, red dotted line: ceiling, hatched line: interior wall, arrows: occupant flow.

Amsterdam, Public Library, magazine cases / working space, interior 45° axon, dotted lines for scale corrections.

Amsterdam, Centraal Station, portion of east facade, contemporary staircase orientation runs opposite original staircase window design.

Amsterdam, Nicolaas Beetsstraat & Kanaalstraat, 45° axon, pulley system use.

Prague, Maisel Synagogue, 60° axon, terra-cotta roof details.

Prague, river Vltava, car and boat traffic.

Prague, Prague Castle, 45° axon, landscape articulation.

Prague, Prague Castle, Second Courtyard, 60° axon, pedestrian flows.

Prague, Prague Castle, Basilica of Saint George, axon, dotted lines for ground level corrections.

Prague, Prague Castle, Third Courtyard, 45° axon, isolated building detail: old structure visible under new facade.

Prague, Old Town City Hall, 45° axon, historical volume of fragmented building.

Prague, Church of Mother of God in front of Týn, 45° axon, younger buildings blocking church facade.

Prague, Bird of Prey area at Prague Castle, 45° axon, the falcon's name is Aleksandra.

Prague, one man band on Charles Bridge, 45° axon.

Prague, Charles Bridge detail, worms eye 45° axon.

Prague, river Vltava, water level detail near Museum Kampa, sectional axon.

Prague, Ujezd & Vítězná, steps of the Memorial to the Victims of Communism, 60° axon, tram lines and directions.

Prague, Dancing House, most visible real estate advertisements in four block radius, its form apparently not enough of a sell. 

Prague, The New Stage National Theatre, isolated building wing, 45° axon, pedestrian passage beneath elevated volume. 

Prague, detail and context of "In Utero" by David Černý, axon.

Prague, Praha Hlavni Nadrazi (Main Train Station), interior elevation, structure detail.

Prague -> Budapest, Train 477, Cabin #8, 45° axon.

Budapest, Buda, elevation, steps and funicular route.

Budapest, Matthias Church, 45° axon, roof pattern detail.

Budapest, Fisherman's Bastion archway detail, worms eye 45° axon, details of sculpture heads.

Budapest, Fisherman's Bastion steps, 60° axon, pedestrian flow.

Budapest, Táncsics Mihály utca & Fortuna, 45° axon, isolated contemporary interventions.

Budapest, Rákóczi utca & Szövetség, 45° axon, abandoned construction site, facade as curbside fence made of concrete block.

Budapest, The Anker House, 0° axon, wide streets.

Budapest, Great Market Hall, historical facades clothing steel structure.

Budapest, Gellért Baths, swimming pool, worms eye 45° axon, red dots: water.

Budapest, Wesselényi utca & Sip, elevation, partial facade, isolated spaces of built-in advertisement.

Budapest, Szent Rókus Templomban, 45° axon, below grade entryway.

Budapest, Rákóczi utca, 45° axon, single surface ornamentation applied to facades.

Budapest, Rákóczi utca, 45° axon, isolated single surface ornamentation and isolated facades.

Salzburg, The Mülln Parish Church & Salzach river, elevation, river flow.

Salzburg, The Franciscan Church, window differences.

Salzburg, Hohensalzburg Castle, isolated older walls.

Salzburg, Hohensalzburg Castle, doors from bedchamber.

Salzburg, Hohensalzburg Castle, waste water drain in kitchen.

Salzburg, city from Hohensalzburg Castle, axon, heights of cliff wall.

Salzburg, German / Austrian boarder seen from Hohensalzburg Castle, axon, boarder line depicted in red.

Salzburg, Hohensalzburg Castle, elevation.

Salzburg, Salzburger Spielzeugmuseum, 45° sectional axon.

Salzburg, Museum der Moderne, 45° axon, Simone Forti: Thinking with the Body, guard gets angry when you swing on rope.

Salzburg, Museum der Moderne, James Turrell: Sky-Space, 45° axon, left: sound effects, center: interior / exterior, right: light effects.

Salzburg, Bürgerspitalplatz, 45° axon, street continues under building. 

Salzburg, Getreidegasse & Bürgerspitalgasse, worms eye 60° axon, cornice used as signage.

Innsbruck, city and surrounding mountains, axon, from Seegrube.

Innsbruck, City Tower, 45° axon, newer building built through old structure.

Hohenschwangau, Alpsee lake, 0° axon, segmented topography lines.

Hohenschwangau, Neuschwanstein Castle, axon, isolated building-axis pivot point.

Innsbruck -> Venice, sectional axon, highway traffic.

Venice, San Lorenzo, stripped facade with exposed brick.

Venice, Patterns from the Pisani Library of San Vidal.

Venice, Patterns from the Pisani Library of San Vidal.

Venice, Calle Larga San Marco, axon, narrow streets, facade outlines, isolated awnings.

Venice, Saint Mark's Basilica, 60° axon, isolated scaffolding.

Venice, Piazza San Marco, curtain and awning configurations.

Venice, Procuratie Vecchie, elevation, repeated facade unit.

Venice, San Giorgio Maggiore, cruise ship movement.

Venice, Ducal Palace, elevation, facade detail.

Venice, Campo Santo Stefano, statue detail (elevation, isolated pigeons), plan (pedestrian flow).

Venice, canal bridge, 45° axon.